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About Jewel City

Jewel City Community Day School

We look forward to forming an equal partnership with students, families, colleagues, and administrators to promote the academic success and the social/behavioral growth of all our unique students. We welcome everyone to our family and trust this will be an an extensive and fruitful working relationship, all in the best interest of our students, program, and staff.

A major goal we have at Jewel City is to maintain consistent and open communication with families regarding their child’s academic, social, and behavioral progress. While a student’s academic competence is naturally a major parental concern, we have become aware that many parents are also interested in their child’s future, their safety at school, their ability to foster positive peer relationships, their faculty to develop personal responsibility and a strong work ethic. As a team, we ensure that each child is exposed to the tools necessary to acquire these critical skills while becoming an independent and lifelong learner.

Many diverse learning experiences are in place for our students each year. Our goal at Jewel City is to challenge our students intellectually, grow them socially, and guide them toward independent problem solving. As we strive to promote healthy development in all aspects of each student's life, we also strive to develop a student body of virtuous character; students who make good decisions resulting in successful and healthy outcomes. We encourage students to demonstrate the best of themselves through esteemable acts every moment of every day, and to make positive contributions to the organizations to which they belong. 

We have been granted several opportunities over the past few years to take part in various community outreach programs and service learning activities. They have included serving meals at the Glendale Senior Center Cafe, collaborating with the FACTS program, professional golf lessons at Tregnan Junior Golf Academy, and numerous others which have undoubtedly benefited the students and staff immensely. 

We strive to instill within our student body a sense of personal and collective pride for our spectacular school and the community as a whole!